Lukas Graham Age Wife

3 min read Jun 26, 2024
Lukas Graham Age Wife

Lukas Graham: From Copenhagen Streets to Global Fame

Lukas Graham, the Danish singer-songwriter known for hits like "7 Years" and "Mama Said," has captivated audiences worldwide with his heartfelt lyrics and soulful vocals. But who is the man behind the music? Let's take a closer look at Lukas Graham's age, wife, and journey to stardom.

A Life Lived in Music

Born Lukas Graham Forchhammer in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 18 April 1988, Lukas Graham's musical talent blossomed early. He started writing songs at the young age of 13, his lyrics often reflecting the struggles and realities of life in his working-class neighborhood.

Finding Love and Inspiration

In 2012, Lukas met the love of his life, Marie-Louise "Rillo" Høgh, who became his wife in 2014. Rillo has been a constant source of support and inspiration for Lukas, and her presence is evident in many of his songs. They have two children together, a daughter named Lola and a son named Arthur.

Chart-topping Success and Global Recognition

Lukas Graham's musical journey took a dramatic turn in 2015 with the release of their self-titled album. "7 Years", the album's lead single, became a global phenomenon, topping charts in numerous countries and earning them Grammy nominations.

A Family Man at Heart

Despite achieving international fame, Lukas Graham remains grounded and prioritizes his family. He often speaks about the importance of his wife and children in his life, crediting them for keeping him centered amidst the whirlwind of his career.

The Legacy Continues

Lukas Graham continues to release music that resonates with audiences across generations. His latest album, "The Pink Album," showcases his growth as an artist and his continued commitment to storytelling through music. His journey, from the streets of Copenhagen to the global stage, is a testament to the power of passion, talent, and a loving family.